Heated Pressure Tester:
The Newclear Pressure Tester is a revolutionary machine that has the ability to test for cracks and defects in cylinder heads and blocks. Pressurized, heated water is flowed through the casting to mimic operating conditions. Both the tester’s transparent pressure plate and its heater system, which allows for hot or cold testing capabilities, provide for a very accurate and effective test. Automotive, marine, industrial and heavy-duty truck cylinder heads and blocks can all be tested on this machine.

Sunnen Head and Block Surfacer:

From standard V-8s to big diesel blocks and heads… the Sunnen HBS-2100 handles all of them. It assures flat surfaces, accurate to .0005” per foot, and it can provide any desired surface finish (Ra) to meet even the most demanding late model specifications.
Smoothness has become a major issue with bimetal engines because aluminum expands and contracts to a much greater degree than does cast iron, so the head gasket is repeatedly scraped by the tiny ridges left on the cylinder head each time the head heats up and cools down. It essentially sandpapers away the head gasket. When the finish is super smooth, there are no ridges to tear the gasket.
A surface analyzer computes values that represent a surface’s roughness over a sampled area. We have a surface analyzer to measure surface finishes; more importantly, we have this state-of-the-art resurfacer to provide that factory Ra finish. Stop in and have your surface finish analyzed.

Engine Balancer:
Every engine regardless of application can benefit from balancing. A smoother-running engine is also more powerful. Though all engines are balanced from the factory, the original balance is lost when the pistons, rods or crank are replaced or interchanged with those from other engines. If you’re building a performance motor, a stroker motor or an engine that is expected to turn a lot of rpms or run a lot of miles, balancing is an absolute must.

Rottler Programmable Boring Bar:
Boring out cylinders to accept oversized pistons or sleeves has long been a common practice in the engine rebuilding business. Boring allows worn blocks to be salvaged, and stock cylinder bores to be enlarged for more displacement. More recently, boring is also being used to install special cylinder liners with hard surface treatments in high performance racing engines. With our Rottler F5 Boring Bar, boring, installing repair sleeves or o-ringing the deck surface is done quickly and accurately.

Superflow Flow Bench:
Our Superflow SF-600 offers bi-directional flow up to 600 cfm to allow both intake and exhaust flow bench testing. We’ll provide you with detailed data, printed out in computed form so you can show off your numbers!