Automotive Engine Rebuilders Services:
Cleaning: Cast Iron, Aluminum, Sheet Metal
Thermal Clean / Steel Shot / Spray Wash / Sandblasting / Glass Beading
Crack Detection: Magnaflux any Ferrous Metal Piece - Heads, Blocks, Cranks, Rods
Pressure Test Blocks and Heads
Resurfacing: Blocks, Heads, Manifolds - Cast Iron and Aluminum
Flywheel Grinding: Flat or Recessed - Automotive, Truck, Industrial
Cylinder Blocks: Bore and Hone, Deck Plate Bore and Hone, Removal and Replacement of Sleeves, Line Hone Main Saddle
Crankshafts: Magnaflux, Grind, Polish, Straighten, Cross Drill, Shot Peen, Offset Stroke, Grind Down Mains
Connecting Rods: Magnaflux, Check & Hone, Recondition, Install new Rod Bolts, Fit Pin Bushings, Polish Beams, Shot Peen
Pistons: Clean, Assemble to Rod, Install Rings, Dish to Lower Compression Ratio
Engine Assembly: Complete Engines, Long or Short Blocks, Bag Job / Clearance Bearings
Cylinder Heads: Valve Jobs: 3-Angle, Multi-Angle, Touch up, Adjust Valve Lash, Vacuum Test Valves
Guides: Knurl, Install Bronze or Cast Liners, Machine for Hi-Lift Cam
Install Exhaust and Intake Seats, Line Hone Cam Saddle,
Weld Cracks in Aluminum, Assemble New Castings, Straighten Heads.
Thread Repair: Broken Bolt Removal, Install Helicoils for most Thread Pitches, Spark Plug Repair (on or off vehicle), Oxygen Sensor Repair (off vehicle only)
Balancing: Static or Dynamic, Internal or External, Flywheels, Crankshafts
High Performance: Flow Bench Testing, Sonic Testing, Degree Camshafts, Block Crossovers, Pin Rocker Arm Studs, Machine for Screw in Studs, Porting, Machine Spring Seats, Determine C.C.s, Clearance Block for Stroker Cranks, Tap Oil Galleys for Pipe Plugs, Balance, Shot Peen and Polish Rod Beams
ATV / Snowmobile/ Motorcycle / Etc. Specializing in Small Engine Cylinder Boring, Resleeving and Replating and Cylinder Head Modifications. Aluminum Welding

•Flow Bench Testing on new SuperFlow Flow Bench
•Deck Plate Boring and Honing on Precision Sunnen CV-616
•State of the Art 3-Step Shot Peen Cleaning System
•Sunnen Power Stroke Hone for Resizing Rods
•High Performance Valve Jobs for Street and Performance Heads

Flow Test Cylinder Heads
Block Sonic Testing
Degree Camshafts
Block Crossovers
Pin Rocker Arm Studs
Machine for Screw in Studs
Machine Spring Seats
Determine C.C.s
Clearance Block for Stroker Cranks
Tap Oil Galleys for Pipe Plugs
Shot Peen and Polish Rod Beams

Static or Dynamic, Internal or External, Flywheels, Crankshafts
Edelbrock, Crane Cams, ARP, World Products, JE Pistons, Keith Black, Ross, Arias, Comp Cams, Manley, etc.

Servicing Southeast Wisconsin since 1985